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New Banner & Icons

2008-11-15 22:08:20 by Jak136

Wow since I've gotten flash my art is a lot better. That's why i've changed my picture and User Header. The Picture is something I made in NG Level Icon Maker.


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2008-11-15 22:34:06

The level icons pretty darn cool.

Jak136 responds:



2008-11-15 22:42:58

There once was a farmer who lived by the crick,
He sat on the shore, playing with his...

banjo for the lady next door.
He could tell by her expression that she was a...

very fun lady who walked like a duck,
She wanted to teach him a new way to...

father his children and learn how to knit.
Back at the barn they were shovelling...

Carrots and cabbage down in the well.
If you didn't like this you can go straight to...

Your room, eat food from a bag.
You are a chump, and you are a...


Jak136 responds:

Hahaha Funny, listen to this:

I did your mum...
a favour by screwing her....
lightblub in.