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2008-11-27 03:08:00 by Jak136

Wow 2 submissions in one day and one is my most popular ever! This is great!

New Banner & Icons

2008-11-15 22:08:20 by Jak136

Wow since I've gotten flash my art is a lot better. That's why i've changed my picture and User Header. The Picture is something I made in NG Level Icon Maker.


2008-11-05 01:42:53 by Jak136

I think I will start to go into Audio in Newgrounds, now I just need a good song to post. I'll keep you posted on how that's going.

All my previous Projects are still in production and going well and ive just created a Interactive Movie called How to draw a Grenade. Be Sure to cheak it out.

Madness 9 and JCTLM

2008-10-19 19:52:08 by Jak136

Hey have a look at this if you like madness and this if you like stick movies.

Cursor click and Pixel Bomb

2008-10-15 03:37:07 by Jak136

Progress is coming on slowly with pixel bomb which should be out soon which is great! Also I am making another short game along with pixel bomb called cursor click which will be out maybe even by the end of this week please vote fairly on it, I will post here when it comes out. If you want to have a look at some great art click here and if you like coca cola click here

Pixel bomb

2008-10-03 04:58:21 by Jak136

sorry for switching through projects so rapidly i just cant seem to finish anything so far but i am certian that i will finish it this time. Now about pixel bomb it is a game in which you click the bombs to make them explode. The art (as the name suggests) will be meant to be pixely, there also will be 2 unlockable modes.

Pixel bomb


2008-09-28 19:47:40 by Jak136

Cool, i'm now probably going to make a madness flash with Pkgamer (hope i got your name right). It is going to be so cool here is some of the guys i'm going to use.



I Have Decided that, after a lot of thinking*, Instead of creating newgrounds Badge quiz i will be creating Newgrounds Award, badge and level quiz.

*Thinking non-Excistant

Newgrounds Badge Quiz

2008-09-13 20:15:35 by Jak136

I am now starting my new flash and my first flash game :) ,it will be called Newgrounds badge quiz it will include many of the 27 Newgrounds Badges so look out for my new flash newgrounds badge quiz.